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High performance website hosting. Dependable and cost-effective on the cloud.

Broadly speaking, website hosting on the cloud refers to remote storage. For example, you can store pictures from your smartphone or documents on your computer to a cloud storage space like the iCloud or Microsoft One Drive.

This is different from storing files locally on something like an external hard drive. I’m sure you’re familiar with this, and you have probably even moved to cloud storage for something in your digital life.

When it comes to website hosting, the cloud is a little bit more in depth but the same principles still apply.

Website Hosting on Cloud servers is ideal for business critical websites requiring enterprise grade availability, matched with unparalleled performance. Instant scalability makes our cloud solution a perfect fit for websites which have unpredictable or seasonal traffic patterns.

iWebServices website hosting uses the latest Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology to take a full copy of your website four times every day. With a choice of 56 versions of your data to restore from (spanning back 2 weeks) it’s quick and easy to restore a file, database, full site, or entire server from a previous point in time.

iWebServices cloud servers do not rely on any one single piece of hardware like a traditional dedicated server would. This means in the event of a hardware fault your server will automatically failover to another node in our limitless pool of cloud resources.

On top of all this our cloud servers come with 24/7 technical support to give you that peace of mind that you need.

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