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FINANCE website

Ergon Wills AND TRUSTS

Finance Website

Writing a Will or placing assets in Trust gives you peace of mind. Ensure that your final wishes are carried out and that your loved ones are cared for, even after you’re gone. Owned and run by Adrian Maskill, who’s integrity and trustworthy attributes assist him in his ability to build a rapport second to none with his clients.

iWebServices web design York

The Brief

Finance web design

Adrian came to us with an exciting brief, he wanted a new finance website that used the branding of his current website (which we built for him a couple of years ago). The new finance  website needed to run alongside but separate from the current website due to financial regulatory reasons.

The new website needed to list all of his Will Writing services in an easy-to-find, easy-to-understand format with a search function and the ability to contact Adrian with questions.

Our Approach

Starting with Adrian’s existing brand guidelines we created a clean and immersive digital journey for Adrians clients showcasing all of his services which can be navigated easily by his client base.

Trust is a key component within the Financial Services sector. We made the website personal to Adrian tried to bring out his reputation for integrity and trust.

iWebServices web design York
The Result

Simple to use, with clear and easy navigation across all devices.

The Ergon Wills and Trusts website is fresh, clean and intuitive based on existing company brand guides. The website reflects that you will be dealing with a trusted advisor which is the key selling point.

iWebServices web design York

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