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What size image should I use on my website?

Using images on a website is not just about great quality images that showcase your products or services, you also need to consider how these images will fit into your web design.

Below is a table with recommended sizes and image aspect ratios, however further on we’ll explain why we chose these different size images for different placements throughout your website.

iWebServices web design York

Website Image Type

Image Dimensions (W x H) 

Image Aspect Ratio

Background Image

1920 x 1080 pixels


Hero/Banner Image

1280 x 720 pixels


Blog/Article Image

945 x 630 pixels


Our Team/Person Image

500 x 500 pixels


Image Dimensions

Images are categorised as either portrait or landscape – this is known as orientation. We sometimes refer to landscape orientation as ‘letterbox’.

The dimensions or size of an image are measured in pixels. Portrait images will be taller than they are wide, landscape images will be wider than they are tall.

Aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between its width and height – so will determine its shape.

You need to think about where you plan to use the image on your website and what would be the best orientation and size to use.

The three examples below show different dimensions of an image. When talking in terms of web design, images are always measured in pixels – the individual squares of colour that make up an image.

300 x 200px sample image
450 x 300px sample image
600 x 400px sample image

The above images are all the same shape, just different dimensions. Your logo wouldn’t need to take up half the width of your page, but a photo of your product or service on a page or post might.

It is important to remember that you can take a large-sized image and make it smaller, but you can’t take a small size image and make it bigger. If you do, the individual pixels will become visible and the image will lose its quality or be pixelated.

Aspect Ratio

While you consider the size of the photo – also think about its shape or aspect ratio.

All three of those images above are the same aspect ratio, 3:2, meaning the height of the image is one third less than the width.

By changing the aspect ratio, you can change the image’s shape. Below are examples of an image with the same width, but a changing aspect ratio.

600 x 200px sample image
600 x 600px sample image
600 x 900px sample image

Is my image suitable?

Click here to read an article on the suitability of the image you wish to use on your website.

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